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        About Our Program 关于我们的课程


        UNA’s MBA Program has both a Traditional MBA and MBA Executive concentration to meet the varying professional needs of our students. 

        UNA MBA 课程包括传统工商管理硕士和高阶管理人员工商管理硕士来满足不同专业需求的学生。

        The MBA Executive concentration is designed specifically for professionals who have at least six to eight years of business experience and desire to develop the management skills and knowledge that will advance their careers. This program focuses on professional development and mentoring, and includes an applied capstone project where students can apply what they have learned in an actual business setting. 高级管理人员工商管理硕士是为这样一些专业人士设定的:他们是至少有6到8年的从商经验,并希望通过增加管理技能和知识来推动职业生涯发展的人。该项目侧重于专业化发展和指导,包括课程论文应用,让学员能够将其所学应用在实际业务环境中。

        CONVENIENT 便捷性

        UNA’s MBA Program offers face-to-face, online, and hybrid learning experiences. Our hybrid options combine face-to-face and online teaching in the same program. The admission standards, quality of curriculum and instruction, expected learning outcomes, and the graduate faculty for the on-line MBA are identical to that of the traditional on-campus MBA. We invite you to choose the delivery option that is most convenient and cost effective for you.

        UNA MBA项目提供面对面、网络和混合班制教学。我们的混合班制教学是在同一门课程中既有面对面教学,也有网络教学。入学标准、课程与教学质量、预期学习成果,网络教授MBA的研究生老师与传统校本部教授MBA的老师是一样的。我们邀请你选择的选项,是对你来说最方便和成本最合理的。

        MBA Locations  MBA地点


        UNA offers the Traditional MBA in Florence in a face-to-face and hybrid format. The Executive MBA can also be completed in a hybrid format. 

        UNA 在弗罗伦斯开设传统工商管理硕士的方式有面对面教学和混合班制教学两种;高阶管理人员工商管理硕士也能够通过混合班制教学完成学业。


        UNA also offers the Executive MBA in a hybrid format in several locations in Asia through partnerships with IUC and PEPSONS in China.



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