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        Why UNA for Your MBA?

        The MBA, or Master of Business Administration, graduate degree is one of the most recognizable and desired professional degrees in the United States and the world. The purpose of this esteemed degree is to provide training in the theory and practice of business management. It is suitable for students from a wide range of undergraduate backgrounds. No matter what your career goal is, a graduate business degree can help you to achieve it. The MBA gives you control of your future, provides opportunities and helps you to be a valuable contributor to the world around you. Your consideration of this degree means that you understand the importance of investing in yourself.


        Why pursue your graduate business studies at the University of North Alabama? There are so many reasons. The historical foundation of UNA combined with modern course delivery and highly qualified faculty make it a perfect choice for today's prospective MBA student. The picturesque campus is just blocks from the Tennessee River in an area rich in culture, arts and entertainment. The program is designed for students with a variety of careers and life stages. There are convenient campus locations as well as partial or completely online options. The flexibility of the program can be customized to meet your needs and schedule. What you will find with the UNA MBA program is a challenging and relevant program designed to build important skills in every major area of business.

        为什么说服你来学习UNA的工商管理硕士?这有许多原因。UNA的历史基础结合了现代授课方式和高素质师资队伍,使之成为今天准MBA学员的理想选择。风景如画的校园坐落在田纳西河畔,那是一个有着丰富文化、艺术、娱乐氛围的地方。该项目旨在为各种职业和生活阶段的学生设计规划。有便捷的校园地点、部分或完整的在线选择。该项目具有灵活性,可以根据你的需求和安排来定制。你会发现UNA MBA课程是一个具有挑战性和相关课程设计的课程,它旨在在每一个主要的商业领域建立重要技能。


        You may expect the following from our program and faculty: 


        Relevance. We provide a curriculum that is current and practical, yet theoretically sound.


        Rigor. We provide a program that is rigorous yet reasonable. We expect you to stretch but not break!


        Professionalism. Our faculty are knowledgeable and professional. The University of North Alabama's graduate faculty members are predominately full-time professors with many years of business, teaching and consulting experience. All graduate faculty members hold doctorates and are involved in research activities that help them stay abreast of changes in their respective disciplines. 


        Convenient. We offer face-to-face, online, and hybrid programs so you can invest in yourself in the manner that is best for you. 

        Our MBA program is also very affordable. It has been rated by U.S. News and World Report as a "Best Buy in Higher Education" in the publication's America’s Best Colleges, and ranked by GetEducated.Com as "#6 Best Buy" among the "Top 51 Best Values" in online regionally-accredited MBA programs. 


        Our current students and alumni, as well as our faculty, invite you to join the leaders of tomorrow by enrolling in our MBA program today! We also invite each of you to visit our beautiful campus located in Florence, Alabama. As the oldest state university in Alabama, the first coeducational university in the South, and one of the first regional universities in the South, we have a rich history in academics as well as athletics. In addition to having two Pulitzer prize-winners as alumni, we count numerous Fortune 500 executives as well. On the athletic field, we boast of six national championships in NCAA Division II sports (three in football, two in basketball, and one in women's volleyball). Our students and alumni are always welcome and encouraged to visit and when possible, to participate in the many activities that are occurring on our campus. Whether an on-campus or on-line student, you will be an important part of our expanding campus community and we will look forward to counting you as one of our outstanding alumni! 

        We look forward to working with you as you Invest in Yourself!

        我们目前在校生、校友以及教职员工都诚邀您通过申请我们的MBA项目来加入未来领导者的行列!同样,我们也欢迎你们来校本部参观,它位于阿拉巴马州的弗罗伦斯市。作为阿拉巴马州最古老的州立大学、南方第一所综合性大学、南方第一所地区性大学,在学术界和体育界我们都有着丰富的历史。此外,我们校友中有两人获得普利策奖,有很多校友就业于世界500强企业。在体育界,我们在NCAA Division II运动会上荣国6项全国锦标赛冠军(三项足球、两项篮球、一项女排)。我们的在校生和校友都欢迎和鼓励大家参观校园以及积极参加校园活动。无论是在校生还是网络教学生,你将是我们不断扩大的社区校园的总要组成部分,我们将期待您成为我们的杰出校友之一。


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